Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 004

Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 004

Every week, we legionnaires share the websites we’ve come across that we found inspiring, captivating, intriguing, and noteworthy. Enjoy!

This week’s website dunckelfeld.de/en/. A digital creative agency. Unfortunately, most of the site is in German.

The website’s first looks are stunning! The loading animation is unique in itself. I have never seen one like that before. The ambient feel created by the contrast in the landing page. The video playing in the background with the overlay creates a digital experience beyond the expectation of a simple user. Considering that this is their business, it brings and aspect of professionalism in what they do.

Alignment with reference to the rule of thirds, the rule has been broken however, the elements in the final image(video frame) that holds on the landing page i.e the people, are all in their individual sections.

The choice of color also boosts the UX. The colors deepen the contrast.

Iconology: the icons used in the site are aside from the usual but have the same form and thus give the same information as other icons. I basically enjoy the experience by this website.

— Amiro

My website of the week is a Nairobi-based creative agency website. The agency was established in 2008 and focuses mainly on web interfaces, brand identity and graphic design.

Simple as it may look, digitalbrush.co.ke is a winner. First of all, giving credit where it is due, .design domains are not as common although it is a redirect from their previous url digitalbrush.co.ke

The use of colors is great. The colors used throughout the website are consistent with their corporate colors. Accessibility is prioritized. Everything is easily accessible. The website is simply a portfolio and truly, you just sight, press a button, and no doubt, what you see is what you get.

The simple transition between slides is elegant as every slide blends right into the previous slide.

Gutenberg diagram/rule

The Gutenberg Rule is used to show a user behavior known as reading gravity, the western habit of reading left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

Simply stated, it says that human beings are likely to scan across a page from left to right and top to bottom. This means that for one to ensure that users view their designs easily, call to action procedures are to be placed in the bottom right quadrant (or right half for our case) of a page. This is the area where a user is likely to perform an action and therefore is most suitable to place action buttons, links, images, videos e.t.c.
Emboldening of text especially in the top-right quadrant (or left half in our case) enhances chances of capturing users’ attention.
This explains why newspapers’ designs look almost the same. It is not ‘copying’; It is a universal principle of design which, if the displayed portfolio items are anything to go by, digital brush seem to understand well.

— Ancent

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