Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 003

Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 003

Every week, we legionnaires share the websites we’ve come across that we found inspiring, captivating, intriguing, and noteworthy. Enjoy!

This week’s website is local. Tried to bring

it closer home. It was a challenge and I sure hope that my choice will appeal to you too.

The site is KCB Group. The ‘mother’ site for all KCB in East and Central Africa. Into the details:

It applies the Pareto Rule pretty well. Lists the 20% of their products/markets that will definitely be accessed by 80% of their customers.

Golden Ratio: had major trouble trying to see this. With reference to the little graphic design I have done, it is pretty easy to apply but on websites, that is another aspect that I am still wrapping my head around. Attached find a copy of the image showing the composition of the golden ratio.

Contrast: Although it’s more of a brand, the KCB color contrast on their website is amazing and creates an great experience. The colors are soft and catchy. The contrast between the blue and the green creates Effect that improves UX.

Heading into the localized websites; KE or UG it applies the same, for example; clearly illustrating the Pareto Rule in each of the localized websites, similar to the parent site. This sells consistency to all clients. Consistency of service regardless of the localized branch.

Something interesting about this is that you would expect that it being a bank website, it would be pretty basic in terms of design and very complex in terms of development(functionality) but I see a great mix of both. The highly functional website has an average user experience, great design and definitely great room for improvement. But for its type, it is strides ahead in great design.

— Amiro

My website of the week this week is Jelvix.

Jelvix is an Israeli tech company that focuses on a wide range of applications from mobile apps to sophisticated web systems.

Their website is a perfect blend with what they offer their customers; Design! The website would appeal to everyone, tech savvy or not, in the way that it is cleanly built. To begin with, the splash screen is analogous to the small fluffy doormats people have in their homes, boldly written “WELCOME”. Seriously, from the smooth zooming out of the word “Jelvix”, to its being engulfed in a blue-edged hexagon right on top of a warm dark background, ushering an elegant landing page themed on those colors, Jelvix proves why it has been in the business for the past seven years. The hexagon shape is not only applied on the menu buttons but also in the side menu navigation buttons. Such design consistency is a gem.

The website is for the most part a one page site whose smooth transition to other sections of the page cannot be ignored.

Accessibility is a key design principle not only in web design but in all designs. All sections of the website are accessible right from the landing page. However, labeling the side navigation menu buttons on hover would have made locating desired sections easier especially after leaving the landing section.

All in all, this is an excellent site, simple and consistent in design.

— Ancent

I have come to like Outsystems not only for their amazing coding platform but also their well crafted website.

They use the Archetype design principle with the header image to ‘play’ with a peoples’ psychology, which I believe works. The website is clean and smooth in transition with perfect color combination.

I think they also employ the 80/20 rule where what one sees at first is only a fifth of the whole coding platform.
— Kamore

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