Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 002

Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 002

Every week, we legionnaires share the websites we’ve come across that we found inspiring, captivating, intriguing, and noteworthy. Enjoy!

My website of the week this week is the Mercedes website.

I visited it for the first time last week and I was impressed by the audio and visual on opening it. It certainly gives a feel of the cars. Especially the lighting of the headlights on engine start. This, in my opinion, basic as it may be (maybe), blends perfectly with the type of website. Photos in the website are also very well used and most importantly, the 80/20 rule in design is well applied.

By displaying the best selling model first (20%), they are sure to generate the 80% impact (interest) on their customers.

Lastly, the use of a dark theme gives a general sense of warmness. At the same time, displaying cars in brighter colors makes them easily noticeable. Additionally, the site is easily navigate-able as everything fits on the computer screen hence no need for scrolling down pages. One only moves around using the menus which are grouped into common categories e.g. vehicle models, for easy access.

— Ancent

This week’s website comes from Cycle Bicycle.

I have been researching and learning more about split screen websites and this one stood out. For starters, it’s different from the usual split by incorporating an angle to the split. Most split-screen websites have vertical splits to the screen. This one is a marvel to me.

Secondly, the animations once more on this one are amazing. Simple but improving the UX significantly. Besides, it is pretty much simple and straight to the point. However, the menus might be confusing. There’s no direct identifier of how to move around the website apart from the first page. You can however just scroll through the website.

The colors are dull maybe to suite the product but I love the coloring. Creates a contrast between text and graphics.

— Amiro

This week I’ll go with Dubfire.

As it loads you get that feeling you get at the beginning of a movie, you just don’t know what to expect.
The landing page is amazing with News links scattered allover the page  with very attractive on hover effect. Each page has it’s own navigation with smart and smooth animation.
I also like the placing of the menu.

The sub domain website is equally amazing. It best suits an entertainment website which it is.

— Kamore

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