Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 001

Web Design Inspiration — Legionnaire Roundup 001

Every week, we legionnaires share the websites we’ve come across that we found inspiring, captivating, intriguing, and noteworthy. Enjoy!

Though it is relatively old (Built in 2013), I consider Leonardi’s resume to be well designed and developed. The incorporation of gaming to the website makes it all the more interesting. One would hardly be bored going through it. It gives a sense of wanting to know where the game ends hence ensuring that viewers would go through it to the very end. It is no surprise, then, that it has won so many awards.

— Ancent

What is very fascinating about this choice is the animations and the creativity behind it. For its kind of business, it sells creativity and makes the viewer wants to just hang around.  On a day that I’m on a creative slump, I would willingly visit this website to just experience it. The animated moments are pretty cool. It sells the business directly. No beating around the bush with what they do.

— Amiro

I like this site because it is very clean, simple and elegant. The layout of the images is amazing and I also like menu effect on hover.

— Kamore


  1. Insightful. Looking forward to subsequent round ups. Well done!

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